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Hiperion celebrates in fifty shades of green

The fifth anniversary of Hiperion was celebrated with a cocky programme for all members and volunteers who were contributing to the project during the last years.

In collaboration with Natuurpunt Herent the kids enjoyed a magical exploration of the numerous waterways of the Molenbeekvallei. In the mean time the adults rolled up their sleeves to work in a local poplar forest. The afternoon was completed with a fascinating, but relaxing walk along the Leibeek and the Molenbeek.

Food, drinks and ancient outdoor games

When the evening approached everybody joined a garden party that would last untill late in the night. During the party Guy Pauwels, Stefaan Viaene and Lourdes González Anera were honoured.

Already from the early beginnings every one of them is working very hard, with lots of motivation and a big heart for people and the planet. Without them Hiperion would not have flourished as it does today. A beautiful bouquet was very much deserved. 

A big thank you to everybody who was there to make it an amazing party!

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