01.10.2016   hollidays are clearly over for the SAPO bubbles project. In September we had a first workshop for six enthusiast participants. The next workshop will take place in Dendermonde at the beginning of October. We still sold some workshop packages to different KVLV teams, but the workshops peak is clearly behind us now.

16.04.2016  Every year many thousands of women find their way to the Goed Gevoel Ladies Fair that takes place in Flanders Expo, Gent. Thanks to an invitation of the 'KVLV-vrouwen met vaart', SAPO bubbles was given the possibility to conduct three small workshops on their popular stand. The participants made their own durable multi-cleaner, and were given a short introduction on what to expect when participating in the SAPO bubbles workshops.

[Foto galery]

16.04.2016  The research and development team of SAPO bubbles produced a nice amount of soap tablets and stain remover to be used on the forthcoming 'wereldmarkt' on the 1st of may, in Herent. Therefore they tried out a whole new and refined recipe.

07.02.2015 -  SAPO bubbles started off well thus year with two consecutive workshops. Less good news is that there will not be an extra instructor at the moment. The volunteer for this position backed out because of an overfull agenda.

08.10.2014  SAPO bubbles crosses for the first time the borders of the province with a workshop organised in Lebbeke. An attendance of only three participants shows that the network of Hiperion isn't everywhere as strong yet as in the region of Leuven.

01.05.2014 - HIPERION makes a first public appearance on the 'wereldmarkt' in Herent. At the stall of SAPO bubbles people could

sign up for upcoming workshops. A second stall, in a decorative

western setting, warned people for HIPERION: "Help! They're

changing the world..."

17.04.2014 - The workshops of SAPO bubbles started. The participants reacted enthusiast after the first workshop that took place on the 6th of April. The next one is planned on wednesday 4th of June. You can find the invitation HERE.

09.03.2014 - A new name, and a first test of the workshop domestic products! The workshop was tested with a small group of participants. They were very enthusiast, and with their interesting feedback we can make the workshop even better. Now that it soon will be open to the public, the project got a new name. As of the 9th of april, everybody is welcome to attend the workshops of... SAPO bubbles !!!

13.10.2013 – The team household products ended the first round of experiments. After an evaluation the best products have been selected. They will be integrated in a workshop that will be developed in the next months.

15.05.2013 - The first experiments with homemade cleaning products have started. In the next months we will evaluate the quality and user-friendlyness of several environmentally friendly alternatives for known cleaning products. In a first phase we made ecological sound versions of all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher detergent and stain remover. We will also test two recipes to clean clothes. One based on the use of soap nuts, and one based on the use of Marseille soap.


All-purpose cleaner, dish soap, hand SOAP, washing powder, rinse agent ... All kinds of household cleaning products take a large slice from a budget. But, did you know that you can make many products easily by yourself? In that way, you safe a lot of money.  Moreover, homemade products are often much more friendly to the environment than most traditional products from the supermarket.

HIPERION is creating a workshop in which you learn to make your own  household products. This project started in the spring of 2013, and be ready by the beginning of 2014.

Coordinator: Dieter Burssens

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