Hiperion Quiz-Team

20.02.2016- Steven, Johan, Dirk, Phoutalack and Guy participated competed in the HTG-quiz with a whole bunch of strong quizteams. Due to some mistakes that could have been avoided they ended 15th. A pitty, because untill the 13th place teams received points for the VQR-rankings. Anyway, the Hiperion team defended well against some of the best teams of the province.

19.12.2015- Quiz team Wilhelmina III wins the Eindejaarsquiz, with Pigeon d'or and E vat, e vat, e vat as worthy contesters on 2nd and 3th place. With 23 participating teams this edition equalled the record of last edition. And because of the presence of several strong quiz teams, the Eindejaarsquiz got a higher ranking. This means that the first 7 teams score points for the national quiz ranking.

But not only the level was excellent. Also the durable menu received was praised by many. Newcomers on the menu, the Bionade and the beer of Natuurpunt Gageleer, were sold out from the first time. In other words, a great edition that simply asks for repetition.

27.03.2015-  The Hiperion quiz team participates in the annual VTI-quiz in Leuven with a whole new team. Dirk, Phoutalack, Lourdes, Guy and Dieter start very strongly. Thanks to some really amazing answers (douarière!) the team found itself temporaly in 5th position. But after failing in the picture and puzzle round they eventually finished 25th on a total of 62 teams.   

13.12.2014 The Hiperion Quiz Team is again present at the rather difficult 11.11.11-quiz in Oud-Heverlee, which attracts every year about 60 strong teams. Still Dirk, Tinne, Roberto, Dirk and Guy manage to finish 18th, which is an even better ranking then the 23rd place of last year.

15.10.2014 - This year the Eindejaarsquiz will not take place due to lack of time. Next year we hope to organize the quiz again, but in a bigger hall then before. And maybe the quizteam will come up with a whole new kind of quiz for people who like a bike rally.

06.07.2014  The Quiz Team participates with Guy, Roberto, Dirk and Dirk in the Stripquiz in Opwijk. The quiz holds many specific questions for comic book lovers. Thanks to the questions on general knowledge, the team was still able to obtain a decent 8th place of in total 13 teams.

7.12.2013 - Hiperion sent their quiz-team to the 11.11.11-quiz. With a 23rd place on 70 teams a good performance was achieved.  It was a quite difficult quiz but was enjoyable to play. The quiz had a good concept with rounds with 11 questions and a general hint in each round made it somewhat easier. In the end it was a very pleasant evening.

18.05.2013 – Many strong quiz teams attended the PVDA Quiz in Kessel-lo, but also HIPERION showed up with a well balanced team. Tine, Guy, Roberto and Dirk finished 8th (on 31 teams) and managed to score a first point in the Vlaamse Quiz Ranking.

02.03.2013 -The Hiperion Quiz Team shows for the first time what it has to offer on the Daring Leuven Quiz. Johan fires up the team from the start, and guides it towards the upper part of the rankings. The level could not be maintained in the second part of the quiz, in spite of good back-up work from Roberto and Guy. Dieter, however, applied for a position on the sub bench with some avoidable misses. Eventually a nice 23th place on 64 teams was obtained.


The Hiperion's quizteam organizes each year the Eindejaarsquiz  in Herent. Of course doing that with the smallest possible environmental footprint. And with a delicious menu with special beers and snacks from the existing organic and fairtrade range.    [Foto galery]

Coordinator: Guy Pauwels