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HIPERION strives for a new world where social justice, solidarity between people and the protection of the environment take priority. We aim for a world where different kinds of cultures and ways of life are respected, and where the differences in needs of every world citizen are taken into account.


Last news

20.11.2017- Burssens, winner of the 2017 Theater in 't

Groen price of the audience, has been selected for

the cast of the upcoming Ketnet musical 'Team U.P.'. Read more



01.11.2017- D'ou Belge, the brewing team of Hiperion, organizes a beer tasting on the 18th of November. Read more



29.10.2017- Hiperion polo spotted in Suzhou (China). [photo]



27.08.2017- From the 14th of september you can learn to dance Flamenco in 'El Mundo del Baile Andaluz'. Read more