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HIPERION strives for a new world where social justice, solidarity between people and the protection of the environment take priority. We aim for a world where different kinds of cultures and ways of life are respected, and where the differences in needs of every world citizen are taken into account.


Last news

27.08.2017- From the 14th of september you can learn to dance Flamenco in 'El Mundo del Baile Andaluz'. Read more



13.05.2017- 42 people participated at the Kaas- en Bierproeverij, organized by our brewers. The cheese dishes were very much appreciated and especially the organic beers Zwarte Madam, Gageleer and our own beer d'ou belge 11 got really good marks. Read more



06.05.2017- With only 13 participants, this years Texas Night Poker Event was not the biggest of his kind. But, for sure, there was no lack of good atmosphere, tension and emotion. Read more